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Please PM me instead of leaving comments on my profile. I don't usually check this profile at all. Thanks! I respond to all PMs.


Q) I'm interested in writing up a fanfic. Will you give me some advice and take a look at the drafts?

A) Yes, I will, but if you're going to ask me to do this, please understand that it will more than likely take me a few days to sit down and read through your drafts. Also, since you are looking for feedback from me, please be open to constructive criticism if I feel that something I have to say will improve your story.

Here are a few quick tips that I always recommend. Note that these are what work for me and I'm not suggesting that they will work for everyone.

1. Plan out as much of your story as you can in advance before you start writing. I don't mean that you have to know every single detail, but definitely having an idea of the general storyline, boot list, etc. will help you when you're starting to fill the story out a little bit more. You want to have an idea of the endpoint - where the story is going - so that when you are writing Episode 1 it will makes sense with what ultimately happens in Episode 9 or 12. I feel that this makes for a better story than if you just go into each episode and write it blindly.

2. Try to write a few episodes in advance before you start posting any of them so that you can stay on your schedule. Although I fall victim to this every season, falling behind is probably one of the worst things you can do for a starting-out writer. If people are going to become invested in your story, they'll want to know that it will be around for a while. Most Survivors fanfics that I've seen die off after a few episodes.

3. Most people who write to me are just writing their first fanfic. Therefore, it's probably not going to get a lot of replies at first (I went through the same thing when I first posted mine), and you need to be prepared for that. Don't just let it die down if you want it to be taken seriously. You will build up more readers/commenters as you go.

4. Think of writing your fanfic as starting a new business. If there's already a well-established TV store and you open up a new one, it's unlikely to get a lot of business at first. But you need to draw people into it, so starting a thread that says "Survivor: __ Fanfic" and then putting "Coming soon" in it is not going to get people's attention. Have the cast there. Have bios there. Let people know when it's going to start (not just "soon"). In other words, have something there that is going to make people want to read your story.

5. Try to keep things as realistic as possible. If you're doing an All-Stars story, stay in character as much as you can. That means knowing the characters, their personalities, their voices, etc. etc. Don't make ridiculous twists or outrageous fights happen just to keep things shocking and interesting. Even though it's hard not to do this sometimes, it rarely works. It's okay to have one or two more straightforward episodes - you don't need a crazy blindside every time.

6. You have to be very dedicated to your fanfic if you want it to be successful. That means putting a lot of thought into it and especially, a lot of time into it. If you've never attempted a project like this, then it's so hard for you to understand the amount of work that goes into it. Pace yourself so that you don't get overwhelmed, and if you're someone who doesn't finish things, you may want to think twice about starting because you're almost certainly going to become discouraged and disinterested during the middle of the project. Just know that it is a much bigger undertaking than you probably realize, but if you put the time and effort into it, it has potential to turn into something great.

So those are my major tips for right now. I may add more later if I think of any others.

Q) Are you interested in participating in my Fantasy Survivor / online reality game?

A) Sorry. As much as I probably would be interested, I simply do not have the time to participate in any online reality games right now. I appreciate all of the offers to take part in these though.

Q) I'm taking part in an online reality game and I need your vote to help me win this challenge. Can you please help me out?

A) Sorry. This is one personal rule of mine that I don't become involved in games where I am not a player. I understand it's part of your challenge to get votes, but I just don't feel it's fair to other people involved for me to boost your total and no one else's.

Q) What program do you use to make your images on.

A) Adobe Imageready / Photoshop.

As I said, I do respond to all messages no matter what so I'm not trying to discourage anyone from PMing me. I'm just hoping to save everyone a little bit of time by anticipating the most common questions I am asked and answering them for everyone.

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